About Owh.Ai.Loike

"WE are the OWH.AI.LOIKE team \(^0^)/ "  we are THE SIBLINGS ● the elder (Ude) and lil’sis (Laber) team based out of Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia  we’ve started this little ART and HANDMADE business since a few years ago but running actively since 2008 by using the trade name, Kazukotachi Infinity Art @ K.IT.A (no longer exist)  we are known as OWH.AI.LOIKE since last October 2010  we! NEVER, EVER COPY or STEAL any design, cuz we know how does it feel and really understand how hard people trying to find, brainstorm and create their such a wonderful and amazing ideas, nothing comes easy dudes  we have and must RESPECT others designers and do not copycat them  people who likes to copycat others ideas then copy the design and selling its likes their own design without feeling guilty, is just a LOSER!  "IT'S BETTER TO FAIL IN ORIGINALITY THAN TO SUCEED IN IMITATION" + " IF WE DO NOT EXPRESS OUR OWN ORIGINAL IDEAS, IF WE DO NOT LISTEN TO OUR OWN BEING, WE WILL HAVE BETRAYED OURSELF ● if some of our customers love some others design ideas, and they don't know where to buy the stuff, and they ask us to make one for them, WE as a designer and the handmademaker should give the others designers SUPER BIG CREDIT as our respect for their amazing ideas, give them super duper appreciation, why is it so hard to give and say? owh man.. end this topic 99% of Owh.Ai.Loike handmade is totally originally by OWH.AI.LOIKE ● we’ve mix our skills to design and create Owh.Ai.Loike art and handmade stuff fully of Love   both of us have a background in ART and DESIGN [GRAPHIC] education from Polytechnic of Johore Bahru and UiTM Seri Iskandar Perak ● and feel free to contact us if you have anything to ask regarding Owh.Ai.Loike, the handmade stuff and others ● TQ, enjoy shopping + happy viewing o(^0~)o + have a great day (^_~)b + may GOD [ALLAH] bless you all \(^_^)/

Email us here at:
owh.ai.loike@gmail.com [add our FB by using this email - TQ]